Saturday, February 22, 2003

Urdu Dictionary by Usman Qazi

"My objective is to come up with a (Urdu/Hindi)=>(Urdu/Hindi) thesaurus. I will keep developing the follwing list, which is partly my own and partly taken from a word-list by a Mr. Sitaraam Shastree. Then, with people's help, I'll try to get a thesaurus out of it. Etymology will also be added as time permits. As my formal Hindi is rudimentary, I need help in grouping Sanskrit words as well as in acurately identifying their more common synonyms. The grouping will be as follows (c) common bo:lcaal (e) educated speech (f) formal/bookish/poetic/pompous

"I have tried to follow the standard Sanskrit transliteration. Although we're limited to ascii. kh. , gh. and zh occur in words of Persian/Arabic origin. I don't know what to do with the two Sanskrit (sh) sounds as well as the several Arabic (t) and (z) sounds, etc. I'd leave them for higher order Maulaana/Pandit sahibs."


Rose said...

please email me at about this. I to am working on this and know more on the hindi side of things.

I need the urdu side, and we can calaborate.

Anonymous said...

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